You Might Actually have Identity Theft Coverage

If you are a victim of identity theft, you will probably travel a long and bumpy road back to financial wholeness. With the increase in online banking and other financial transactions, identify thieves are no longer limited to using lost or stolen wallets.

Identify theft insurance reimburses victims of this crime for the costs associated with repairing their credit and replacing credit cards including lost wages, postage, and sometimes attorney fees.

Did you know that you might already have identify theft insurance? Most homeowner’s and renter’s policies now include identity theft protection. Some banks also offer coverage to their customers. Identity theft insurance usually covers up to $200 in cash and any false credit card charges over $50. Check your insurance or banking paperwork to see if you already have identity theft insurance.

If you are not already covered, you can purchase identity theft insurance for a nominal annual fee either as a standalone policy or as an endorsement to your existing homeowner’s or renter’s policy.

It can take weeks or sometimes years to recover from identity theft and the road to recovery is long and can be costly. With the increasing number of identity theft cases, going without identity theft insurance is a huge risk. To ensure your peace of mind, contact us at Prutting Insurance Group. We can determine if you are already covered, and if not, offer solutions to help protect your identity.