Yes, you need renters insurance

Every person who rents a home should take advantage of renters insurance. It provides protection for all of your personal belongings as well as protects against liability claims. If you are renting a home and are looking at buying a renters policy, then here are a few things for you to think about.

The Benefits of Renter’s Insurance

  • Renter’s insurance in Arizona only cost a few dollars per day to own. The price is based on how much personal belongings coverage you want to insure for.
  • A policy protects against most common perils and can even carry coverage benefits for water back up and other like perils.
  • You can carry a low deductible for about what you would pay for a high deductible.
  • The liability amount can be set you. You can choose any number amounts to cover the possibility of you being sued by someone.

If you are looking to purchase a renters policy or just have some questions, then you need to call Prutting Insurance Group. They can help you detail a policy that covers all of your personal belongings and cover liability exposures that you may face. Call today and they can answer your questions and get you policy in just a few moments.