Why All The Accidents?

Every day on the news we hear about auto accidents. Are we all becoming bad drivers? Let’s take a look at some common car accidents and explore their causes.

Accidents Involving Park Vehicles

Some of us will do anything to get a parking space that is close to our destination. That can include squeezing into a tight parking space. This can lead to vehicle damage. Make sure you give yourself, and the other guy, enough room to get out when parking.

Rear-end Collisions

Rear end collisions are caused by following too closely or by not paying attention. Give yourself a cushion of space and lower your chances of hitting someone from behind.

Hitting Animals

A problem in rural areas, you just have to be cautious. Use your high beams at night and pay attention to animal crossing signs.

Driving Too Fast for Road Conditions

Excessive speed is one of the common causes of accidents. That doesn’t necessarily mean exceeding the speed limit. It could be just traveling too fast for the road or traffic conditions.

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