What is Your Homeowner’s Insurance NOT covering?

You might assume that your homeowners insurance covers everything associated with your home, but this assumption is not accurate. For example, flood insurance is only mandatory in locations prone to flooding. If you aren’t in a high-risk area and you get flooded, your home or belongings might not be covered against water damage. Earthquakes are another natural disaster not commonly covered under most homeowners insurance policies. If you’re living in an area that has significant seismic activity, it’s a good idea to add this on to your insurance. Home businesses are another area that aren’t often considered when looking at homeowner insurance. The business equipment might not be covered if it’s damaged or stolen without additional insurance. Talk to your insurance provider about what it does cover and doesn’t cover. The Prutting Insurance Group in Scottsdale Arizona will be happy to talk to you about the additional policies you can add to your existing homeowner’s insurance so that you’re completely covered.