Top Tips for Securing Your Small Business

Break-ins, cyber attacks, fires and other disasters are real concerns if you are a small business owner. All it takes is one incident to ruin your livelihood and send you to the poor-house. Arm your business against unexpected threats with these tips.

Safeguard your files. Keep all of your important documents such as leases, employee files, insurance papers and taxes in a safe place. Fireproof safes are durable and waterproof, so they work well for storing important documents.

Secure your computers. When cyber criminals attack your business, it can cost you time, productivity and money. Not to mention, if word of a security breach gets back to your customers, it can tarnish your company’s reputation. Reduce the risk of cyber attacks by keeping anti-virus software, operating systems and web browsers current.

Use security alarms. A security alarm will alert authorities of a break-in. The noise of the alarm alone will likely send bandits running before they have a chance to take any of your possessions. In addition, install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to add a layer of protection for your employees.

Install surveillance cameras. Security cameras are inexpensive and easy to install. Some camera styles have DVR capabilities and allow you to monitor your business while you’re away.

In addition to the above measures, good insurance is important to protect your business if disaster strikes.

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