The Importance of an Accurate Home Inventory

If you haven’t completed a home inventory recently, it’s important that you complete one as soon as possible. A home inventory will become very important if you need to make an insurance claim.

Why is a home inventory so important?

A home inventory is the list that you’ll give to your insurance company following a claim. It will make it much easier for your insurance company to settle your claim and get you properly paid out.

How can you take a home inventory?

Taking a home inventory is as simple as making a detailed list of your items. Walk through your home room by room and document every item you have. When you document your items, add in all of the possible details — including serial numbers, if they are available. 

Once you have completed your home inventory, you should keep it in multiple locations along with copies of any receipts or appraisals associated with the items. It’s a good idea to have a digital copy along with a copy at work and in a safe at home.

For more information about taking a home inventory and your homeowners insurance, and to get a quote, contact Prutting Insurance Group in Scottsdale, Arizona.