The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency vs. a Captive

When you’re looking into insurance policies, one thing that may confuse you is the difference between an independent insurance agency and a captive insurance agency. The benefits an independent insurance agent has is that they’re not tied to a specific insurance provider. They act, rather, as a broker who gets you the best package or deal on your insurance policy(s). A captive insurance agent deals with only one insurance carrier, limiting the variety of options available to a client. When you are in need of insurance, take into consideration the differences captive and independent agencies have. An independent agent can provide you the multiple options and rates, and some find that very important. Are you in need of insurance but confused about how MUCH you really need? Let’s figure out your budget. Talk to the Prutting Insurance Group today if you’d like to start exploring your insurance options. This gives you a great way to get a quote from an experienced insurance company right away.