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Growing Business? Make Sure Your Company Cars are Safe

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Fleet Insurance for Growing Businesses A growing business is a good sign! Along with bringing in more money, you may also have to bring on more company cars to handle the increased business. As you add to your fleet of company cars, it is also important to make sure that your commercial auto insurance policy is still

6 Steps to Take If Your Boat Starts Sinking

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Sinking Boat Tips Boating season is almost here, which means it is time to make sure your boat is ready to head out on the water. Along with making sure you have enough sunscreen and life jackets, it is also important to know what to do if your boat starts sinking. Keep these tips in

Difference Between Home and Condo Insurance

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Condo and Home Insurance Basics Owning a condo is much different than owning a house, which means the insurance coverage you need will also be different. When you buy a home, you are responsible for both the inside and outside of your home, and with a condo you are only responsible for the inside. Make

App to Keep Teen Drivers Safe on the Road

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Text Preventing App for Teen Drivers Texting while driving leads to hundreds of deaths on the road each year. It is a very serious issue for teen drivers who want to stay connected to their friends at every moment. Knowing how to prevent your teen from texting and driving can help to ensure that they