Survive with Ways to Signal for Help

Camping and outdoor events often lead to a stranded or lost person. In this event or when the RV breaks down during a road trip, knowing how to signal for help is a basic survival technique. If possible, stay in the area and with the vehicle unless it is in a dangerous state. Once you are in a safe and noticeable area, use these ways to signal for help.

Make sure you are visibly distinct from your surroundings with bright-colored clothing, reflective material, or a mirror. In remote areas, start a fire and use the smoke to catch attention. As soon as you discover you are lost, try to make noise by yelling or using a whistle to alert others on the road. Whistles and horns last longer than you can yell and carry further in distance.       

Although not common, a reliable way to signal for help anywhere above ground level is with a satellite phone. An inexpensive alternative is a personal locator beacon (PLB), a device that signals authorities with your precise location. This is a small price to pay to save lives. In case any accidents occur, protect assets with proper insurance coverage.

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