Summer trip of a lifetime? Consider travel insurance!

If you’re heading out with family or friends for the summertime adventure of your dreams, being prepared for any incident with travel insurance can give you peace of mind until you are back home safely.

You might be offered a supplemental trip insurance policy if you buy an all-inclusive or package deal, but be certain to read the fine print. These policies are often lacking the full coverage that you could receive by going through your personal insurance company. Here is what to look for in a travel insurance policy.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption – If something happens that prevents or interrupts your vacation, a good policy will cover expenses associated with re-planning the trip or a partial reimbursement.

Medical Costs, Hospitalization, Emergency Treatment – This coverage is essential, particularly when traveling abroad, as an incident far from home can be costly and confusing.

Personal Accident, Liability, and Legal Coverage – If you are involved in an accident or cause damage to someone else’s property during your trip, travel insurance may cover the costs and provide you with legal assistance if necessary.

Lost/Stolen Luggage and Personal Belongings – A solid policy will cover the cost of replacing your incidentals and belongings in case of theft or loss during the duration of your travels.

Plan for the unexpected by investing in this invaluable travel protection policy. Contact Prutting Insurance Group for affordable travel insurance in Arizona.