Shedding Some Light on the Light Bulb “Ban”

Does talk of a light bulb "ban" have you feeling left in the dark? Here’s a little light on the subject:

Some of the familiar light incandescent bulbs we’ve all used for years will no longer be readily available. Beginning this month, federal law limits the availability of 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs in Arizona and throughout the country. The law aims to promote new, energy-efficient light bulbs.

In recent years, you’ve probably noticed new sizes and shapes of bulbs on the market. These bulbs are known as halogen, CFLs, or LEDs. These bulbs use less power, or watts, to generate the same amount of light as a traditional incandescent.

Halogen bulbs are 25 percent more efficient than traditional bulbs, while CFLs and LEDs are 75 percent more efficient. That’s mostly because they’re naturally brighter.

So how can you decide which bulbs to use? The first rule of thumb is to check the label. The newer light bulb packages will tell you how bright the bulbs are, and most will include comparisons with older bulbs. For example, a 15 watt LED bulb may state that it generates 800 lumens (a measure of light). This compares with a 60-watt traditional bulb that generated the same amount of light.

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