Protect Your Home Against Wildfires With These Simple Steps

Wildfires are serious with strong abilities that can destroy property and lives in a short time so protect against loss with proper insurance. The greater Phoenix area in Arizona is prone to widespread fire and every year millions of acres burn down. Losing homes to wildfires is a natural disaster but proper coverage will cut losses down drastically. Prutting Insurance Groups recommends homeowners follow these simple steps to prevent a fire from starting in your valuable abode.

The most important step to take is to check if your roof is flammable and how insurance providers will grade it for security. Changing to a non-flammable roof will save money in the future with preventing fire and lower insurance premiums. Another simple step is to clear all tall trees and hanging branches away from the home to avoid adding fuel for fire.

A great way to prevent wildfires from destroying your home is to install fire-resistant siding and windows. Install dual pane windows to keep from breakage during big fires and use materials such as cement, stucco, or plaster for exterior walls. These simple changes make a huge difference if wildfires strike in Scottsdale or other areas in Arizona.

For more tips and coverage like home or auto insurance in the greater Phoenix area, contact Prutting Insurance Group and protect your home the right way.