Protect Your Business With General Liability Insurance

When someone mentions general liability insurance, people may assume it is strictly for contractors or businesses that have dangerous work operations where an employee may get injured. In reality, an accident can happen even in an office or retail environment. General liability offers the protection a business needs to stay in operation.

What General Liability Insurance Offers

General liability insurance will protect your business if a person becomes injured in your building or worksite, if property becomes damaged, or if you become personally injured. It will pay for medical expenses, damaged property and court costs if an employee or other individual decides to sue you for bodily injury or property damage.

You may already have general liability insurance if you purchased a BOP (Business Owners Policy). Check over your policy to ensure you are getting enough coverage to protect your business. If you don’t need (or do not wish) to purchase BOP, you can get general liability insurance as a standalone policy.

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