Own a Business? Here’s what slander and libel can do to you.

As a business owner, you are responsible for your employee’s actions under the doctrine of strict liability. This not only means you are liable for damages for an injury or even death caused by your employee while performing on the job but you may be responsible for an act of defamation or sexual harassment as well.

Examples of sexual harassment are when one employee says sexually explicit things to another, which unbeknownst to most employers, occurs more often than one may think.

Defamation occurs when a person is libeled or slandered. Though the difference is that libel is a written remark that is designed to harm the reputation of a person or entity and slander is a verbal remark intended to do the same, the result of either is defamation.

Here are some examples: 1. If you own a restaurant and a miffed member of the wait staff announces that a certain patron is a cheap skate as he left a terrible tip and the entire dining room heard it – your patron can sue you for slander.

2. If one of your employees responds to a poor review of your business, as part of his responsibility to manage your web reputation by writing that a particular reviewer who left his name, was “mentally unbalanced” you could be sued for slander.

In this day and age with a business, there are so many things you could be sued for. We have an answer: Protect yourself. Make sure your business liability and/or umbrella policy covers you for these acts. Call the Prutting Insurance Group for all your business insurance and personal insurance needs.