Making the Jump from Online to Brick-and-Mortar

When switching your online retail store to a physical retail location, you’ll have a lot to consider. One of the major changes will be the amount of insurance you’re required to carry.

Testing out your store’s concept.

Before you make the commitment to open a brick-and-mortar store you may want to test your wares fully. You can do this through test-driving your store through a local market, trade show or other location. By ironing out any potential problems early on, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

Getting business insurance.

Your commercial insurance needs will be fairly extensive when moving to a physical location. You need to insure your physical property, your equipment, your inventory and sometimes even your profits.

Some other types of insurance you may need include:

  • Product liability insurance, against manufacturing defects.
  • Employment liability insurance, against employee issues.
  • Workers compensation insurance, for your employees.

An insurance broker can help you put together a comprehensive commercial insurance package that will meet all of your insurance needs.

For more information about commercial insurance, and to get a quote, contact the insurance experts at Prutting Insurance Group of Scottsdale, Arizona.