It’s Fire Prevention Week!

Fire Prevention Week came about as a commemorative event for the Great Chicago Fire that happened back in 1871. More than 100,000 people ended up homeless and 250 died during that fire. There were over 17,000 structures and 2,000 acres burned, as well. In order to avoid something like that again, fire stations and insurance companies like to make people aware of the risks they face and the ways they can stay safe. Fires are caused by all kinds of things, so if you want to stay safe you have to consider several different areas of life.

First, don’t leave your cooking unattended. The same is true for candles and space heaters. Your electrical wires and outlets should be up to code and working properly, and you also want to be careful with any smoking materials. Have working smoke alarms in your home, and test them frequently to make sure they work properly. Also make sure you have adequate property insurance, just in case a fire does break out. With care and protective measures, you can avoid a devastating event.

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