How to Get Your Full Security Deposit Back

When you rent a house or apartment, most landlords ask you to put down a security deposit, usually the equivalent of a month’s rent. The deposit offers the landlord some protection in case you cause a great deal of damage to the property. But, if you don’t, you’re entitled to the deposit back after the lease ends and you move out.  Follow these tips to make sure you get your money back.

Create an Inspection Checklist When You Move In

Some landlords or property managers automatically have renters complete an inspection checklist when they first move in. The list lets a tenant note any damage that was already in the apartment, so that he or she isn’t charged for it at move-out time. If your landlord doesn’t give you a checklist, make your own. Send it to the landlord using certified mail, along with photographs documenting any pre-existing damage.

Return the Key When You Leave

Forgetting to give back your key or other property that belongs to the unit can mean you miss out on your deposit or that your landlord deducts money from it. If you want your full deposit back, make sure you don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you and that you return your keys to your landlord after moving out.

Give Your Landlord Notice

Take a look at your lease to find out what the terms are for giving notice to your landlord. In many cases, your landlord will require 30 days’ notice before you move out. Keep in mind that if your lease isn’t up yet, you might have to find a sublease or someone to take over the lease to get your deposit back and to avoid being responsible for the remaining months’ rents.

Leave a New Address

In some cases, people don’t get their security deposits back because their landlords don’t know where to send them. Unless you plan on picking up your money in person, give your landlord an accurate address when you leave the apartment.

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