How to Choose a Safe Car for Your Teen

There are various factors to consider when helping a teen shop for a car. Ideally, a parent and teen should do careful research beforehand to see which cars have the best accident safety record and top quality safety features. Other points to take into consideration include:

– Is the car new, expensive and popular? If so, it will need top notch security features to prevent robbery.

– Is the young person a confident driver? If not, make sure the car is easy to maneuver.

– Is the make and model durable? A stranded teen driver (particularly a female one) could get into a lot of trouble.

Choosing the right auto insurance policy for the car is also important. A parent can either add a teen to his or her own policy or take out a new one specifically for the teenager. The Prutting Insurance Group offers various options for those living in Scottsdale or other parts of Arizona. Contact us and get a quote today!