Going on Vacation? Don’t do THIS!

Almost everyone is connected to and uses social media on a daily basis.  We post updates about our jobs, schedules and kids.  Many people also post their vacation plans! While your friends and family might be excited that you are taking a much needed trip, your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter trip details may be alerting strangers to the fact that your home is unoccupied.

So while you’ve stopped your mail and left your lights on timers to make your home look occupied while you are away, your internet usage may be sending a clear message otherwise.  While on vacation, "Checking In" at a far away airport or hotel, posting location pictures and updating your network to your itinerary send a clear message that your home is vacant. These are things to avoid when away.  Instead, share the information when you return home!  

For more tips and tricks on how to keep your home safe while you are vacation, contact the Prutting Insurance Group.  We are conveniently located in Scottsdale and we proudly service the greater Phoenix Arizona area.