Get The Right Insurance For Your Arizona Business

Are you a business owner in Arizona? If you are, then you need to keep your business and employees protected with the right insurance. Having business insurance ensures that your business will be protected from claims or accidents that could be crippling to your business finances if you are sued. In the state of Arizona, you may be required to get special types of insurance based on the business industry you are in. On average, you should have the following insurance coverage.

Homeowner’s Rider Insurance

If you run your business inside your home, your regular homeowner’s insurance will not protect you for business-related damages. Seek out a rider policy to your homeowner’s insurance to become fully protected.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability protection will protect you from lawsuits involving your services or products.

General liability Insurance

General liability protects you when there are injuries or you are held libel for an accident as it will pay medical expenses and legal fees.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Umbrella liability gives you added protection to your regular liability protection so that you are completely covered.

Property Insurance

Property insurance protects your business when you rent or own property in case you experience a natural disaster, fire or vandalism.

Health Insurance and Worker’s Compensation

If you have employees working for you full time, you need to keep them healthy and protected with health insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Keep Your Arizona Business Protected

Operate your business while knowing you are completely protected with the right type of insurance. The Prutting Insurance Group offers the exact type of insurance you need for your business and your employees. Contact us today 480-467-8726 or visit our website to see all of our insurance products.