Filing a Successful Insurance Claim

The idea behind owning insurance is that when a problem occurs, you can theoretically file a claim and get some money to help with whatever repair, replacement or treatment is necessary. Filing a claim can seem to be a daunting task, however, and it’s important to do it right in order to get the right amount of money quickly and with no hassles. While it might seem to be a challenge, filing a claim is actually fairly simple.

First and foremost, make sure it actually makes sense to file a claim. Filing too many claims on a home or auto insurance policy can cause your rates to go up, or even cause your insurance company to drop you. With that in mind, claims for a relatively small amount of money or just a small amount over your deductible, could cost you too much in the long run. You should also read over your policy carefully and make sure that the event you are filing a claim on is actually covered.

Another key to filing a successful claim is to file it quickly. There are limits to how long you are allowed to delay filing a claim, but more importantly by filing a claim early you have the incident clear in your mind and you haven’t had time to lose any of the documentation involved. Your insurance company will need police reports, estimates, receipts and any other documentation you can produce related to your claim–the more you have, the more smoothly the claim will go. This documentation can also include pictures, even cell phone pictures, that can give a clear idea of pre-accident and/or post accident condition of people and objects involved.

One of the most important ways to see that an insurance claim goes well is to form a good relationship with an insurance agent you can trust. To find that insurance agent in or near Scottsdale, Arizona, all you need to do is call the Prutting Insurance Group today!