Don’t Purchase Auto Insurance Without Asking These 5 Important Questions

Did you know that it is possible you are paying too much for your auto insurance? The reason for this is because you weren’t aware of the right questions to ask when you purchased your policy initially. Here are five questions that you need to ask about your car insurance to ensure you aren’t breaking the bank and limit the headaches associated with auto insurance:

  1. Am I receiving all of the offered discounts that I qualify for?
    There’s more discounts available than safe driver and anti-theft. In fact, you can get discounts for good grades (for students), low-mileage, as well as discounts for an eco-friendly discount.
  2. Do I have both comprehensive and collision coverage? Is it a waste of money?
    These can be purchased separately or together. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage as a result of theft, vandalism, etc. Collision coverage pays for car repairs, regardless of the person at fault. Both are beneficial for newer cars, but for older cars that have depreciated in value, they may be a waste of hard-earned money.
  3. Do I have coverage for underinsured and uninsured motorists?
    Some states require this coverage, but for those that do not, it’s definitely a coverage to consider. If you do not have collision coverage, car repairs may not be covered if the driver that hit you was not insured.
  4. How much will my policy cover if my vehicle is totaled?
    This is important, as insurance companies differ on this front. Some will pay the actual cash value while others will pay an agreed upon value. The actual cash value will be how much your car was worth at the time of the loss. The agreed upon value is a number that you and your insurer agree on at the time of renewal.
  5. Does my policy compensate for original manufacturer parts when new parts are necessary?
    This also depends on the insurance carrier, as some will pay for the original manufacturer parts, but some will not. Not everyone cares about this, but if you are an individual that only wants manufacturer parts rather than aftermarket parts, you will want to find out the answer.

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