Do Landlords Need Special Insurance?

If you own and rent apartments or condo units in Arizona, you likely have property insurance. Have you considered some of the unique risks you take as a landlord? For example, you can be sued for wrongful eviction or wrongful entry. You might face a claim for libel or slander if you refuse to recommend a tenant to another landlord. You could face property damage from a tenant that is not covered by traditional property insurance.

In all of these cases, landlord protection insurance can step in and protect your assets. Depending on the policy, you may also have extended coverage for any personal injuries you suffer in your role as a landlord.

Landlord protection insurance policies can differ, and many have unique clauses on what they will or will not cover. An independent insurance agent can sit down with you, review your needs, and help you find the best coverage for your unique situation.

Owning and renting takes a lot of effort and comes with its share of risks. Protect yourself with landlord insurance. Prutting Insurance Group in Scottsdale can help you find the right policy and advise on your other insurance needs. To learn more and get a quote, contact us.