App to Keep Teen Drivers Safe on the Road

Woman Texting on Phone and Driving Car

Text Preventing App for Teen Drivers

Texting while driving leads to hundreds of deaths on the road each year. It is a very serious issue for teen drivers who want to stay connected to their friends at every moment. Knowing how to prevent your teen from texting and driving can help to ensure that they stay safe each time they head out on the road.

iZup (eyes up) is a new app that was introduced at the CTIA Wireless conference and helps to address the issue of texting while driving. The app automatically turns on when it detects that the phone is traveling over 5 miles per hour. Once the app is turned on, it does not allow the user to open an app, read or send a text, or make a phone call. The app does allow for emergency phone calls, as well as calls to be made to pre-specified numbers. The numbers that are allowed to be called while in route can be managed online. iZup also allows the driver to access Google Maps to ensure that they know where they are going.

iZup is still a new app, and they are looking to add more features to help advance the app, including a passenger override feature which would allow a passenger in the vehicle to take over control of the phone.

iZup is based on a subscription plan, and costs $5 per month for a single user and $50 for a yearly subscription, or $6 a month for a whole family and $60 for a family yearlong plan.

Having the right auto insurance to work with the iZup app can help to keep your teen driver safe on the road. Contact the insurance experts at Prutting Insurance Group in Scottsdale, Arizona for all of your auto insurance coverage needs.