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Have You Already Signed Up For Health Insurance?

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Open Enrollment Basics If you have not already signed up for health insurance for 2015 through open enrollment, there is still time. Open enrollment does not end until February 15th, so you have a little less than a month to sign up for the right amount of coverage. Using the health insurance marketplace is the

Understand If You Need Landlord Insurance When You Rent Your Home To Others

You and your family plan to take a 3-month vacation in another country. While you are gone, you will be renting out your home to some family friends. Before you pack up, your spouse wonders about the type of insurance to have when renting your home out. Does the homeowners insurance offer protection for your

A look at how to file a homeowners insurance claim

Homeowners insurance policies offer peace-of-mind, ensuring homeowners will be compensated for any loss or damages to their home. It is important to properly file your claim to ensure your homeowners insurance claim is not delayed and you are paid the fullest amount owed to you. Missing or incorrect information may cause a delay or reduction

Don’t Drive Drowsy!

Driving drowsy is a serious condition and statistics show it causes more than 100,000 roadway accidents each year. People who drive for a living, work night shifts and those that have sleep disorders are the most at risk, but anyone can become drowsy while driving.   Follow these tips to avoid drowsy driving: Get enough