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Factors That Can Increase Your Life Insurance Rates

Life insurance rates are determined in the same manner as rates for other types of insurance. The amount you pay is based on the amount of risk you present to the insurance company. The simple explanation is the rate is based on how likely you are to die during the term of your life insurance.

Life Insurance only for the rich? Think again.

Life insurance might seem like it’s only for the rich, but you’d be wrong in thinking that. Life insurance is a valuable type of insurance that protects you against an untimely death. You don’t want your family to be burdened by funeral costs and other money problems after you pass. You also want to make

Seniors: Have a Safe and Healthy Winter Season

*By Dr. Judith S. Black Helping older family members stay safe, secure and independent begins with preparation in the home. Learn how to help seniors stay safe and healthy by following these tips: Since snow and ice and other adverse weather conditions raise the risk of falls during the winter season, it is important to