An App for Driving?

No text on board. It can wait. Take the pledge. No text is worth the risk.

These are all buzzword phrases AT&T is using to promote its safe driving app to help cure people of the problem of texting and driving. The communications company has introduced an app that uses the very devices that are a cause of the problem, to help cure the distracted driving problem. Here is how it works.

Users download and then activate the app. When it is activated, the app can detect when the app user is on the road. When this movement is detected, the app sends an immediate reply to any text sender assuring them their message has been received. The custom made message lets the sender know they will get a response once the driver is in a safe place to respond. This takes the pressure off of the driver. It lets them know their messages are being handled immediately without them having to put themselves, or their passengers, in jeopardy. It also helps the senders by knowing their message has been received, and that the driver is smart enough to wait to reply.

At Prutting Insurance Group, we are always looking for ways our family can keep your family safer. This AT&T app may just help accomplish that. Want to learn more about keeping your family safe or saving money on your insurance premiums? Contact Prutting Insurance Group today!