A New Way to Record Home Inventory

Do you have a home inventory? If you suffer a loss, having a home inventory can document your insurance claim, substantiate the loss on your income tax return, and speed the recovery process with your insurance company.

Know Your Stuff is a free home inventory software where you can store your home inventory, including multiple photographs, online. Keeping your inventory in a separate location is critical if you suffer a catastrophic loss such as a house fire. You can access your home inventory from any computer at any location. With Know Your Stuff, you set up your free account, add each room in your house, and then add the possessions in each room. The software comes with a comprehensive list of categories and household items that you can fully customize. If you buy or sell personal items, updating your inventory is fast and simple. You can even scan receipts or appraisals for safekeeping. Know You Stuff automatically updates your items’ replacement cost when you run any of the included reports.

Using Know Your Stuff can ensure that you have enough insurance coverage for your home. To discuss the importance of maintaining an up-to-date home inventory or to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage, contact us at Prutting Insurance Group.