5 Most Dangerous Recreational Sports

Dangerous recreational sports don’t take a lot of imagination to figure out the top contenders. Most of them are apparent just by the nature of the sport. These include:

1. Jumping from heights – Whether it be base-jumping, bungee jumping or airplane jumping, falling from a great height has always been a big risk and has killed many.

2. Hunting – Outdoor hunting, whether it be with a gun or bow, has high risks, and often from other hunters. Hunting accidents have contributed to a high number of serious injuries as well as accidental deaths.

3. Motorcycle racing – Because of the high speed involved and the lack of protection involved, motorcycle racing is another high risk sport.

4. Car racing – Not far behind motorcycles, car racing can result in serious injuries and tragic deaths of racers. NASCAR realized this risk not long ago with the death of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

5. Bull riding – Not one serious bull rider has gone through a season without being serious hurt at least once competing in bull-riding.

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